Learn the four steps I used to build a life after child loss

No one should have travel this road but some of us are.


No one should have travel this road but some of us are.

Learn four steps to help you with moving forward on your way back to build your new life – LIFE AFTER A CHILD LOSS.  

losing a child is the worst thing a mom can experience

I know because it happened to me. 

At first I didn’t know how to go on – how to care about things and me, be a good wife, care about work and live my life after that. But I am here to tell you there is LIFE after losing a child and I want to help you see that too. 

We all know there are places a grieving mom can go for support, discussions and help. This is the place moms come to BUILD A NEW LIFE and learn how to live all over again. 

Imagine ...

Laughing again without feeling guilty
Having another child without the shame
Raising your children without suffocating them with your fears
Feeling calm and in control again
Feeling safe again
Imagine BEING YOU again

Liene Ciguze, Life Coach for Lawyers

Hi, I'm Liene Ciguze

In 2014 I lost my 7-year-old-son. He was killed suddenly and tragically while out at a park together. He was my only son at the time. The worst thing that I ever imagined happening to me – happened. 

My world totally broke apart. My identity, my dreams, and my hopes all went away. I was broken. 

I don’t remember much, but I remember from immediately after but I do remember knowing my life would never be the same.  

I learned the most important lesson of all. 

I learned that Life DOES continue after loss. 

I learned how to move forward without the guilt and shame

I learned how to love and grow a family again with more children. 

I learned how to have LIFE after loss. 

As a certified life coach, I now focus my time and energy helping moms just like you find what I found. 

Life after loss is not about forgetting your child. 
It's about remembering who you are and learning to love, live, and be yourself again.

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