Hi! I’m Liene Ciguze.

In 2014 I lost my 7-year-old-son.​

He was killed suddenly and tragically while out at a park together.
He was my only son at the time. The worst thing that I ever imagined happening to me – happened. 

My world totally broke apart. My identity, my dreams, and my hopes all went away. I was broken. 

I don’t remember much, but I do remember immediately after knowing my life would never be the same.  

I learned the most important lesson of all.
I learned that Life DOES continue after loss.
I learned how to move forward without the guilt and shame.
I learned how to love and grow a family again with more children.
I learned how to have LIFE after loss.
As a certified life coach, I now focus my time and energy helping moms just like you find what I found. 

I know it is possible to build a new life - a life that can feel safe and enjoyable again
while still cherishing and honoring your lost child.

Client's testimonial

“Working with Liene has literally been a life-changing experience”

We start wherever you are. Today is “Day one”.

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