there is a way

Who I coach

I work with moms that have experienced the worst thing possible...losing a child

The pain you feel is unimaginable. Yet sometimes you feel nothing at all. 

But if you are ready to find what life CAN be like after child loss you are in the right place.

You have survived through the worst, and now you are wondering how to move forward.

You may want to have more children without shame and guilt, 

But can you raise and love them without fear taking over?

Can you have loving and nurturing relationships with them?

Can your marriage survive all of this?

Look, the bottom line is you want to feel like yourself again. Safe again. Normal again. 


Keep reading if you want to know HOW…

Liene Ciguze, Life Coach for Lawyers


I help you uncover your new life after a child loss.

Its not about moving on, forgetting, or reducing the love you have for the child. LIFE may end, but LOVE does not have to. 

I am a mom that has lost a child. I get you. I am you. 
I can help you.

Yes, your life will never be the same. 

Your lost child will always be part of you. 

But life can feel better than it does now. 

You can feel better than you do now. 

Who I work with:

moms who are ready...

Ready to explore whats possible

Ready to find and embrace a better way to grieve and live. 

Ready to have their LIFE after child loss. 

My mission is to help moms ease the pain and fill the void they feel without forgetting the love they have.

I help moms to:

How I deliver this:

I help you to BUILD A NEW LIFE.


If that’s you, we should talk